Caffeine has been proven to boost physical and mental performance in individuals.The main ingredient is methylxanthine which has a lot of benefits when used before fitness practices. People who engage in fitness practices like body building, cycling, athletics and aerobic exercises should buy caffeine and take the right dosage before the activities. Anything between 250 milligrams to 500 milligrams would be fine if taken half an hour before weight lifting exercises and three hours before aerobic exercises.

Here are some reasons why you should buy caffeine if you are a sporty person. Firstly, caffeine has been documented as having a great effect on reducing the body fat of an HGH Cycle results individual. It works as a fuel to help in burning body fat. It is also a strong lipolytic agent that works to break down any stored fats. These fats are then deposited in the bloodstream where they will later be oxidized by the skeletal muscles. Also, if caffeine is taken with food, it will speed up the rate of conversion of the food into energy which is useful for physical exercises.

During endurance exercises like cycling, caffeine will increase the maximum uptake of oxygen increasing the amount of work produced. In other words, when one uses some caffeine before an endurance activity, the time within which he will get exhausted is increased by 18% and the workout intensity which he can tolerate increases by 24%. This means that one will bear more endurance and will therefore exercise harder and longer than normal.

Another benefit of caffeine is that by using the free fatty acids available in the body as fuel, it spares glycogen which is useful for other strenuous activities. If correctly used, caffeine will reduce the build-up of lactic acid by raising the lactate threshold of the body. It has been proven to have a direct effect on contraction of muscles during a workout. This is because it increases the permeability of calcium onto the skeletal muscle, resulting in contraction. Even when the frequency of muscle stimulation during exercise is low, the muscles will still experience high tension if caffeine is taken about an hour before exercise.

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