In the United States, we tend to be aggressive about medication. For something as minor as a slight headache, we are quick to jump to medication, rather than making sure to rest and drink plenty of water. If the headache continues, we simply take more medicine. The more medicine we take, the more we feel we need, as our bodies begin to develop a resistance.

This practice of over-medicating holds true in many other situations, including cases of infertility. Women with long histories of failed pregnancies are prescribed more and more fertility medication. But does taking more fertility medication really increase your chance of conception? That question does not have a simple answer.

Fertility drugs certainly do increase your chance at conception Buy Cardarine and a successful pregnancy, but after a certain point, increasing your dosage will not continue to improve your odds. Your body is only capable of nurturing so many eggs to maturity. One healthy egg is all that is needed for a successful pregnancy, especially in a controlled environment such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). When you try to drastically increase the number of follicles, you are focusing on quantity, rather than quality, as your body does not have the strength or resources to nurture so many eggs to maturity. Women on very high dosage levels of fertility medication may produce many eggs, only to have most of them go to waste due to poor quality. Furthermore, a woman taking a very high dose of fertility drugs may feel nauseous, pained, and miserable for weeks, and will require frequent visits to the clinic to monitor possible side effects of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).

It is not suggested that women struggling with infertility avoid fertility medication altogether. When taken at a reasonable dosage level, fertility drugs can help women develop a handful of healthy eggs. At a lower dosage, the woman will feel healthier, and will not need as many visits to the doctor during the fertility treatment. Not to mention, the cost of medication will be much lower!

For a controlled treatment such as IVF, a small number of healthy eggs is much more important than a large number of poor quality eggs. Many couples also benefit by going abroad for their IVF treatment, where they receive more personalized medical attention and are less likely to be prescribed overly high dosages of medication.

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