Fish oil supplement dosage is always a controversial issue. There is no doubt that fish supplements have many advantages like asthma relief, colon cancer protection and management of clinical depression. Some studies have reported a beneficial effect on multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

Fish oil dosage taken regularly reduces the risk of heart disease as well as lowering the level of triglycerides in your blood. This in turn reduces the chance of developing a stroke or dying suddenly. Fish supplements contain long chain omega fatty acids including EPA and DHA, which is very healthy – and yet also is contaminated with toxins like dioxin, DDT and PCBs. Not only that, heavy metals like mercury and lead in water mixed with industrial effluents can get into the fish.

This makes it desirable to take your fish oil supplement dosage in the form of capsules. Just 3 grams of fish supplements contain all the necessary omega 3 fats you need for a full day. That’s why picking the right supplement can ensure that you get your fish supplement dosage correctly. The things that affect your choice of a fish supplement include:

Is the fish clean? Fish caught in the pure and clean waters Ibuta 677 review that are far offshore in areas not frequented by commercial shipping are the cleanest source for supplements.

Is the oil molecularly distilled? It’s a mechanical process by which contaminants are completely removed, as well as concentrating the omega fatty acids, making the supplement more potent.

Is the supplement rich in DHA and EPA? These essential fatty acids are present in rich quantities in salmon, mackerel, halibut and a few other kinds of fish. The Hoki fish in New Zealand is another source.

Is the fish fresh? If it takes a long time for the fish to be transported to the units where oil is extracted, the product can become rancid and impotent.

All this matters because omega 3 fats are life saving. Those who eat fish once or more every week halved their risk for sudden death following a heart attack. What’s more, this advantage lasted for as long as the next ten years. This isn’t surprising because fish supplements dosage, when consumed regularly, can prevent or delay atherosclerosis leaving your heart’s arteries clean and pristine.

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