Companies can usually spot these underhand agencies because traditional marketing strategies are tangible and you can see how your money is being spent very easily. The thing is, search engine optimisation, although it has been around for many years now, is still relatively new; and many marketing managers who have to make the decision on whether or not to take such a service do not know enough about it to make an educated decision about what is going to be the best service.

For all those that are in that position there are a certain things that you should look out for when the search engine optimisation agency gives you a quote and a strategy. The first thing is the price; any quote below £500 a month should set the alarm bells ringing because there is a good chance that you are not going to get the required benefit as the deliverables are likely to be very low. Each industry sector is different so it is important that the agency considers your competitors when they are looking at what is the best way of pushing your site online.

One mistake that many companies who are looking for SEO fall in to is  Sommerseo that they choose a company who charges per keyword. An agency may say that they will charge £50 per keyword but SEO is about building the authority of your entire site and not just a few keywords. Doing so means that you are restricting what keywords your website is going to appear for.

For example if you are a television company, if you only target LCD Television, then you are going to be missing out on people typing in LCD TVs or Plasma Televisions. You want your website to cover a range of keywords that customers may use to find your site and by only having a certain number available to you, you are going to restrict the possibilities.

Finally, and most importantly, make sure that the SEO agency does not do Black Hat SEO; this is a digital strategy that goes against guidelines set by Google, and is likely to result in your website being de-indexed by Google, and your site not visible for anything meaning your hard earned money will have gone to waste. If they advertise they do this then you should end the con

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